Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pieces of Us + COMING MAY 22ND


“You’ll marry someone and wished it was me. You’ll have kids with him and wished that they were half made of me. You’ll live old—gray and wrinkly—regretting never choosing me.” 

“You don’t mean that…people break-up all the time.” I tried to sound reasonable but he wasn’t having it. 

“You can never break-up with someone you’re destined with.” He declared bold
ly. “Why the fuck do you think I’m here? My mind is disgusted but my body craved…every day has been a fight…I’m exhausted.” He finished with a tone that made me look at him differently. Softly. 

+ Pieces of Us +

“You’re sorry,” I repeated again as I stared at him coldly. “I just told you I loved you…and all you have to say is that you’re sorry for fucking me?” 

+ Pieces of Us +

“I hate you—more than I ever hated my mother. But the thought of you wanting to get over me…fucks me up, Olivia. I don’t want to want you—”
“Then don’t—” I insisted, hurting deeply after he exposed how seated and rooted his hate was for me.

+ Pieces of Us +

He shook his head, persistent. “Then I’ll try harder to convince you. You and me—we have to be connected somehow or I won’t leave you alone, Olivia.” Those golden eyes were back, reaching deep within, into my soul. “I need it. You need it.”

+ Pieces of Us +

“You’re done—you fucked everything up,” I whispered to myself as I eyed my naked body. Never had I felt this ugly and unwanted…wasn’t it only less than an hour ago when I felt pure bliss, savoring its beauty as I opened myself up to him, freely giving away my body for his own pleasure and never felt more beautiful and cherished?

That’s the thing with love…it made one delusional. I was so messed in the head that I couldn’t differentiate which was which. I saw what I wanted to see. Feel what I wanted to feel…but no matter how I change the equation, dress and undress it, the outcome remained the same—that Greyson Edwards did not love me any longer. 

+ END +