Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Undeniably Yours (Unedited Teaser)

Undeniably Yours (Bass Cole) 

A Torn Series Novel 


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I knew loving someone wasn’t going to be a bed of roses, but never did I think it was going to be a total twilight of nightmares—all due to one man named Carter Mason, Emma’s ex.

Even with him in the picture, I pursued the blonde beauty, uncaring if the ex was hovering in the picture. I wanted her, that’s all I knew. The rest could have their own opinions but I yearned this one person and I wasn’t going to give up because her ex was growling or stomping like a little boy on the side. No. I took her out on a date. Held my stance and promised that I wouldn’t take advantage of a woman who was mending a broken heart. Yeah, Emma was devastated. There were a lot of instances where I could’ve taken advantage of her gullible state, but not once did I waver—because I promised, once I had her, there was no going back. Not. Ever.

But Emma decided to go back to her love. Her Carter. Was I crushed? Very much, more than I’m willing to admit to anyone, even to myself. I was shattered. My ego was dented and my pride was bruised.

I thought then that no woman was going to get mess with my head the way Emma had, vowing that when I see her during out movie shoot in Greece, I would be cordial and pretend that I had never once cared for her. I had eight months to toughen up, so I had nothing to worry about.

Everything was set. My mind. My heart. My pride. My body. But all this crap went down the drain after a hard, roughened sexual exercise with Alexia (my woman for the time being) and I find Emma standing in the middle of the goddamned cottage, listening to me banging someone on the wall.