Monday, September 9, 2013

Undeniably Yours Teaser (Unedited)

Undeniably Yours ~ Unedited 

“Are you trying to romance your way into my heart, BC?” 

I made a chortling sound, grinning with guilt before things got serious. It was what I wanted…and hoped that I was already in her heart. 

I felt it…

In her kisses, I drowned, basking in her love. With every fiber in me, I knew that she felt the same as I did because this feeling wouldn’t be as powerful, as perfervid if it was all one-sided.

Staring into our souls, her eyes led me into a door—a glimpse of what’s in her heart and what it consisted.

It drew me in, enticing me, spell-binding, to surrender it my heart.


I was petrified, and yet I knew that it was time.

I thought as I leaned over and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead. “Twenty minutes.” I spoke out as I pulled out of her slick moist channel, groaning loudly when the head came out of her tightened opening, holding back the urge to go for another round.

Helping her out of the bed, I planted her on her soles, before giving her a meaningful smile as I slowly moved towards the door, still watching her. I paused before she entered the bathroom and called her out. “And, oh Emma? To answer your question earlier, I’m not trying. I know I’m in there, just as you are with mine.”

Here we are…

Stepping forward.

We shall see how this story unfolds. I, for one, simply could not wait.