Friday, July 12, 2013

Chasing Paradise


~“I love it when you get all excited to see me.” He laughed, kissing me full on the lips, not caring about the curious onlookers around.

~“I was…but I had to come and see you for a few hours. I needed to see you….because…” He cleared his throat, strangely serious all of a sudden. “Sienna? Did you happen to accept my proposal without telling me?” 

~“Who? Adriana? Why?” The stupid man asked. 
I glared at him, gauging if he really was acting stupid. “She likes you—no—I actually think she wants you.”

~“But you loved it before, Blake. I just want to try. Oblige me, this once? Show me the kind of stuff you used to love. I’m open for it.”

~“Holy shit! You’re insane. We can’t live in a place like this! Let’s get the hell out.”

~My relief was evident when I saw her nod, stood up and handed my tie, before spinning around and placed her hands behind her hips. “Tie me.” Sienna commanded when I questioned her through my eyes.

~“Blake!” I scrambled to my feet, running towards him. “BLAKE!!! Baby, wake up!”

~This time, she did hear me. Sienna barely just stopped before I got to her, soaked to the bones, lips purple, and pale as a ghost. “Do you have a death wish woman?”

~“Sienna—thank you.” He kissed me on the lips, breathy and packed with emotions.

Three Months Later…


Blake + Sienna ♥

Announcing the final release date tomorrow...Paradise will definitely be out next week.