Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scorned Unedited Snippet

“I guess it’s a good thing that you realized that in the very beginning before you got pregnant or something.” Emma strode over and gave me a comforting hug. “Follow your heart. You’ll be surprised what it’ll show you.”

Babies? Hell, no. I was allergic to them, thank you. I shivered after Emma let go of me. After she went looking for Bass, I was still stuck out here pondering what she just told me.

Maybe I should just should go home and forget this night ever happened. I was about to stride back inside when a dark form stopped me from going anywhere. Dressed in a black tux, wavy dark hair swept back, looking polished and downright lethal to my over-quivering senses.

My tongue tingled, as if tasting something tasty as saliva gathered on my tongue.

 “I need to speak to you.” Dimitris was in his standoffish, detached-from-any-human-being self.

I was a sad excuse of a horny woman, because I didn’t want desire when Dimitris Kosta was involved. In fact, I should be feeling the opposite, but the absence of it was making me doubt of it ever happening.

Collecting calm and indifference, I matched his gaze. “Yeah? What about?”

“My grandfather found out and halted the divorce proceedings.”

I could hear a bomb explode somewhere in me.  Maybe that was my lung because I was out of breath and needed a good supply of air to survive this ordeal that landed on me again. For him to seek me out meant that this was a MAJOR deal. Huge. Colossal. “Why? Why would he do that?” I whispered, almost screeching.

Dimitris stepped closer, taking over the small freedom I had from his handsome form. “He demands to meet you in person. In fact, grandfather wants to get to know you and have you stay in Greece for a week.”

Was his grandfather for real? What if I told him to shove his “demands” and ship it to hell? “I don’t do well with demands from my brother. What makes you think I’d do it for a stranger I haven’t met?” I folded my arms underneath my breasts, serious as a heart attack.

“Because this particular stranger holds the power over the both of us about this divorce. This stranger wouldn’t have been one if you had allowed me to introduce you to my family.” He stopped, looking like he was about to snap before I heard the gnawing sound of his jaw locking together. “This is the first divorce my family has to deal with. He does not take this lightly. He possibly wants to understand our motives that we didn’t belong together, how hard could it be? Surely you can spare me seven days in exchange for the kind of havoc you’ll be causing my family?”

Seven days to pay for my stupidity, I could do that, right? Face an old man and tell him that I wasn’t interested in being married to his grandson, who was extra close to his mother for my own liking. “Well, it looks like you’re not giving me any choice. Greece it is.”

He gave me a curt nod, making me look at his chin, remembering how I used to kiss it so much.

Dimitris spoke, breaking my nostalgic memories of him. “I leave before dawn. My parents wanted to me meet Claudine. So, you’ll be flying out with us.”

Hell fucking shit. It gets better than the bomb he just dropped about his grandfather? Boy, aren’t I one lucky woman tonight. “Does she know about me?” The past and the present, all in one place, karma kill me now, please.

“Yeah, she does. She’s okay with it. She’s really a great woman. You’ll like her.” Dimitris assured me, as if I was enquiring about her credibility and not some psycho territorial snatch.

Well, I’m sure Claudine was “okay” with it and I’m sure she’s a “great” woman, but over my dead body because hell will freeze over before I exchange words with that skank (she precedent after me, of course she’s one). “How about I fly out commercial? That should save tons of awkwardness? Besides, I really don’t want to be around any of you, to be honest.”

“Why? It shouldn’t matter to you, or should it, Lindsey? Having a change of heart, omorfia mou?” My beautiful. “On top of that my parents can’t know about this, not yet.”  

Not in this lifetime. “No thanks.” I responded, referring to his question about me changing my mind. I gave him a mocking extra sweet smile. “So you’re keeping me as a secret for one week?”

Looking unaffected, he moved closer, testing me. “Not necessarily, but I don’t want my parents to learn about it until the divorce is final.”

He was so close. I could see the thick long curl of his ebony lashes. “Let me get this straight. You want me to fly out with you and your girlfriend in the same plane, share the same car, stay in the same place like one little happy family?” Claudine was going to share his room, his bed while I was across the hall? You ought to be joking.
I wanted to divorce the man, but I never said I wasn’t attractive to him. Knowing that he was bedding his girlfriend a few doors down would push my evil twin (my crazy bitchy side) to come out and play.

“Claudine will be staying at my parents villa. They want to get to know her better. You’ll be staying with me and my grandfather will see you on a daily basis.” He pressed against me, smelling my neck, making me ache from within. “You smell the same.”

I was biting my lip, not wanting to answer him. Even though I wanted to move, my legs were rooted on floor. “What does your grandfather want from me?” I said, breathless when I felt the bottom of his lip graze on my skin.

His hand reached behind my back, fingertips stroking the exposed skin. “I don’t know. He tells me that he wants to talk to you at the same time you need to convince him that divorce is the only answer.”

This was a sensual foreplay that I didn’t know how to stop. It was like he wanted to take a bite, a sample but knew he shouldn’t. I, on the other hand, was getting wet. I wanted to taste him. It was wrong to want him, but I wanted one more taste, before I let him go completely. No matter how much I wanted to, Dimitris was with Claudine. Best I knew that, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have fun with this sexual dance we were participating. “Why me? Why can’t you do that? He’s your grandfather after all.”

I let out a moan when he kissed the base of my neck, almost nipping. What came next caught me off guard. “Because he needs to know that I wasn’t the one who walked away from it. My grandfather wants to know your reasons. I don’t know. You can ask him that yourself.”

 When he shifted and took his heat off my flushed one, I was askance at the withdrawal, almost pleading to have it back. “I see.” Was all I could manage because my body was taking over my life right now, and I needed to control it.

Eyes not leaving my body, he spoke harshly. “If there was another choice, I would’ve taken that instead of asking this of you. You’ll be back to your boyfriend in no time.”

Welcome back, Lindsey. You’ve landed to planet fuckery.