Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chasing Paradise Teaser: Unedited

Chasing Paradise Teaser: Blake Knightly

I was ushered into another room. 

When the door opened, it took a minute for my eyes to get used to the darkened room. The room was a good replica of that day that I took Sienna for a massage in Knightsbridge, The Arabian themed room. The room was surrounded with candles. The scent of amber and roses filled the air. 

I looked back when I felt the door was closed with a hush. Curious, I strode a few steps and stilled. What in the bloody fuck is going on? My thoughts hammered when I saw my woman inside the silk tent.

My heart wildly pounded at a rapid rate as I took in everything. Something flashed in Sienna’s eyes when our gaze met. My cock throbbed at the sight of her. At this very instant, I knew that this woman loved me, inside and out but I will not take advantage of that. There was no need because she was all I wanted.

“Leave us!” I bellowed, my eyes trained on my woman. They traced the outline of her impeccable body. From her perfect breasts to her flat stomach, the dip of her hips and her well-honed legs.


My wife.

Well, she was, in my heart she was. Who cares about blasted technicalities? I surely did not. "Mind explaining yourself? “You’ve been naughty while I was away?"

Sienna bit her lip, nervous. “I haven’t been. Since, you were into this kind of stuff before, I thought maybe if we could…try it?”

Bloody perfect. She wanted a taste. Well, my sweet, let me show you, I thought wickedly.