Friday, July 28, 2017

Hey beautiful people ~

Undeniably Us IS coming out. It’s just a bit delayed. Rest assured it’s the next release and I’m working diligently to finish it this week. I don’t want to rush the ending. I’ve injected scenes that were originally planned for Blasphemous (Book2) but due to Bass and Emma’s characters shaping a life on its own, some things had to be taken out. Since this is Bass and Emma’s last book…I want to make sure there’s enough angst, depth, chemistry, and love flowing between the pages. There’s a crossover between Unapologetic Series (Cara Quinn). 
I’ve also finished plotting Carter’s book. FINALLY. He’s the only character I’ve had difficulty shaping after Emma. They were originally supposed to end up together…but alas, Bass happened. As stated before, Damaged will be included as flashbacks. For his character to bounce back, he had to go through tremendous hardships…but I don’t want his journey to be doom and gloom. I intend for the fun, brooding, sexy soccer-stud to make a major comeback. I’m aiming for his book to come out sometime this year. 
I realized how much I love (AND MISSED) Dimi and Lindsey’s batshit-crazy chemistry. There’s still so much to tell…so I’m not letting go just yet. Torn Series spin off: Greek God will be heading your way come 2018 (after Carter’s release).
Cascade: Unapologetic will release (fingers-crossed) in late August. It’s the angsty-est one I’ve written to date. So, please don’t kill me. The journey will be worth it. I hope. 
Sample chapters (mailing list) hopefully by next week. 
Thank you πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•