Friday, June 2, 2017

THE GUARDIAN ~ SNIPPET ~ Meet Jared & Gisele

“You sound jealous.” 
“You wish!” I spat back before I threw him a venomous look. “If I need sex, it sure as hell won’t be from you!” Call it hitting below the belt I didn’t give a damn anymore. “You’re a complete utter bore. Geeks simply don’t do it for me; you’re not an exception, Jared. So go back to Rose or to the next gold-digger that’s easily impressed when you flash your wealth, I don’t care.” 
He saw red. 
In a few menacing strides, he reached me. His nostrils flared as he loomed over me. “You ought to be spanked for insulting me! Yet it was only this morning, you’d have been more than ecstatic if I fucked you.” He aggressively pushed against me until the curve of my ass hit the vanity frame. The crashing sound of cosmetic cases echoed in the background while I tentatively eyed him. There was no hint of blue in his eyes. It was almost black and they were seething with unbridled rage. “You were wet for me, moaning my name while you furiously rubbed that little pussy against my cock like a bitch in heat! You were desperate for me to cure that ache in your cunt. You repeatedly begged, imploring me to fuck you, Gisele—and I could have.” He arrogantly declared. “But I chose not to.” 
My insults got to him and he spat it right back just as viciously. It resulted a violent mood, and I wasn’t sure what my next move entailed. The man effectively caged me with his body with nowhere to go. His unforgiving glare flayed whatever certainty I had left. 
I swallowed, hard.
My panting hitched. My heart skittered inside my chest. Stomach churned and turned. Darting my tongue out, I licked my bottom lip before I bravely lifted my eyes, imploring. “I was caught off guard. There won’t be a reoccurrence of that, I promise.” My breasts felt full and confined against the tight bodice as my breathing kept accelerating.
“You want me.” He stated succinctly, without a shadow of a doubt. 
“No.” I rapidly denied. 
My immediate denial stroked the devil out of him to come out and play. “What will make you stay home, hm?” he crudely lodged himself in between my thighs and shoved his hard-on against my covered mound. “Cock? Is this want you want?” he furiously grounded his member again, evoking a sharp cry from me. 
My body’s a quivering mess, betraying me ever so cruelly. Even after all the insults he hurled at me, my body responded to him as if he was its master. It was beyond humiliating to be resorted to this—a heaping, panting mess of a woman whose urges couldn’t be controlled. And I loathed every second of it. “Stop it.” I hissed through my teeth. “Don’t do this to me…you’ve insulted me enough.” The urge to cry was potent but my pride wasn’t going to indulge him with tears. He didn’t deserve them. “I get it, Jared…there’s no need to taunt me. Please.” My meek voice didn’t sway his punishing stance. In fact, it fueled him further more. 
He punished me again. His cock felt sublime through his trousers. His magnificent size pressed against my heat, unconsciously spreading my legs wider to accommodate him. It parted my folds and I could feel its passion stressing the tiny scrap of lace that barely protected me. Delicious tingles circuited all over my body. My teeth sunk into my lip, stifling the wretched moan coming out of me. 
“You feel that?” he roughly thrusted to drive his massive point. “I’ve been hard because of you—but I can’t have you. Rose is the only thing that stops me from taking advantage of this tight body.” His darkened eyes probed into my soul and I held on for my dear life. Jared exuded danger as if he was on a brink of deciding if he desired to savor Heaven or Hell. “Don’t think you don’t affect me—you do. Very much.” My lips parted. His thumb grazed my bottom lip before he pressed his pad over it, toying with temptation as his eyes zeroed in on my lips. It filled with wonderment. As if he, too, marveled how it’d feel to have my lips press against his. “I want you—it pains me to admit it—but I do. But it’s just sex. Nothing flowery, or romantic about it. Just a hard, good, raw fucking. So don’t want me, Gisele. You’ll only end up hurt when you see me go to the next woman after having a taste of you.
“Sharing your bed is a fucking nightmare and I’m sure it’ll only get worse as the time passes. But it’s fine. I’m doing this for you—you deserve better. You deserve someone to cherish and love you. Ingrain my words into your head because I’m not going to repeat them. Whatever ideas you have, whatever designs, dreams—it won’t happen. I’m going to kill every single one of them.” His eyes were deadly. Lethal. Impenitent. “I’m not the man to make your dreams come true. I’m never going to be that man. You ought to know that. So don’t want me. There’s only one way this could go—breaking you is the last thing I want. But be warned, I can break you. If it comes down to it, I won’t hesitate to do so.” Then he instantly disengaged his body away from me, as if touching me burned him, as if my nearness contaminated him.