Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Nut Job Preview

This preview is UNEDITED.

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With her legs splayed out to give me the best vantage point, I felt my blood surge south, hardening by the second as I heatedly stared at the luscious bloom, inviting me to come forth.

“Are you just going to admire me from a distance, Jase Masterson?” She purred before giving me a come-hither look to freely devour what she’s explicitly offering.

Not one to shy away from a woman that knew what she wanted, I leisurely took my time, taking one scrap of clothing one by one, while she watched me with unfettered hunger and fascination. I stood unabashed in my naked stature before I gradually took a stride to meet her on the tip of the mattress. I came here tonight with one purpose alone, and I intend not to waste time with foreplay—that’s why she took the liberty of handling that situation, arousing herself before I got to her doorstep.

With the use of my hand, I took hold of my shaft, gripping it at the base before my hand began to stroke it in a paced manner, while my eyes zeroed in on the center of her core, needing, yearning to achieve this one ultimate purpose only—to simply end this torturous agonizing curse of not being able to reach the highest peak of sexual nirvana. The face paint. The baby gravy. The cream of sum yung guy.

I needed my mojo back—desperately—and Lesley was the last on the list to help me get it. They did say save the best for last.

Without much ado, I positioned myself before her with the bulbous head situated right atop her clit before my hands gathered her ankle one at a time, situating them before me.

“Keep them close, I need friction as much as possible.” My demand was met with an eager nod before I gave it to her good—hard and fast—no emotions involved just raw unadulterated sex. Focusing on Lesley’s moans and the sensation that was steadily building inside of me, so much so that when I felt something funny, I didn’t think much of it until it came back with an eager rabid thirst for more. Tensing, I instantly pulled out before I scrambled to see what it was. “What the fuck!” I bellowed at the golden retriever wagging his tail while he gazed at with adoration in his eyes. “Aw hell to the no—get the fuck away from me, you weird mutt!”

“What’s the matter? Why are you screaming at Jones?” Lesley obviously didn’t witness what just happened. It was humiliating enough to admit that it happened but it was even more mystifying to say it out loud.

“Jones here—was being too nosy.” Of course he was. His nose did sniff around and got a whiff of something he couldn’t resist, didn’t he? I felt totally and utterly mortified.

Fucking dog! Now how was I going to continue banging her when I’d be mostly clenching my ass in fear of Jones wanting to have another go at my crack? Sighing heavily, I regretfully told her that I couldn’t finish off—especially when all I could think of now was Jones lapping it up before I caught him.

Another day. Another night. Still no results.

“Are you sure you don’t want to try again?” Lesley gave me a worried look—one I was starting to get accustomed to as of late.

Swallowing what little pride I had left, I tried to rebuff my shortcomings in every sense of the word. “Nah…maybe next time…anywhere but here.”

“All right, Jase. Don’t worry—it’ll come in due time.” She tiptoed to kiss me on the cheek before I ruefully nodded, before getting ready to put my clothes on. No, work was never going to be a reason why I couldn’t function properly. The crux of my stress related problem was the fucking point that I couldn’t make it to the point. The final destination of completion.

Lesley had been my go-to girl in between relationships, and so far, this was the first time that this unfortunate incident had ever happened to me. So much so that her worried face reinstated what I had feared all along.

The sound of crickets remained in the background, waiting for me to get my game back.

Damn you crickets! I growled before taking my leave to wander the streets of Manhattan.

My life hadn’t been this complicated before. Less than a month ago, everything was simply perfect. Up until I caught what Bridgette had been really up to with her guru master.

It was crushing to witness the woman I’d been recently engaged to be in all fours, white eyeballs stuck to her sockets due to intense pleasure, as she chanted something incoherently.

I yanked off the horndog guru before I threw him off the wall—a power I didn’t know existed up until that time. When he skittered to get his clothes on the floor, I threatened that if he dared look back, I’d yank his hairy balls off. The shamefaced guru with his deteriorating hard-on bolted right out the door without a backward glance at my sobbing cheater of a fiancée.
“I didn’t mean for it to happen, Jase—please forgive me. I swear I won’t ever do this again.” Her tears that used to move mountains for me did little to waver the damaged she had caused.

Breaking off the engagement and hurling insults didn’t soothe my injury—my heart, my pride and my ego. Little did I know that my penis was also part of the injured party.

The clam hammer was officially impaired.