Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Bundle!!! GET 3 Books for one price!

Relentless Pursuits (Falling For My Husband, Lily’s Mistake, Falling For Ava) $2.99

WARNING: These full-length novels contain a hefty dose of possessive Alpha males that wouldn't stop at nothing to get what they want. Fear not, damsels in distress aren’t abundant. Contains graphic contents that will make you blush. Best not read in public. 

Callum Kensington (Falling For My Husband): A formidable Billionaire who has a passionate persona who thrived on new thrilling experiences. He’s also infamously known for his strict rules in dating. But the moment Stella von Berg entered the picture, things started to become rather confusing…because when it came to his departed friend’s baby sister, he knew he’d do anything to keep her safe with her heart intact. 

Drake Tatum (Lily’s Mistake): A true ardent lover with a temper to match. After six long years of avoiding his childhood sweetheart, it took him about a minute upon seeing Lily Alexander again to realize how desperate he wanted her in his life. With his mind set to task, Drake relentlessly pursues her against all the odds. 

Reiss Chambers (Falling For Ava): A man who had the rags to riches story. Burdened by his past, he tried to forget the woman who broke his heart into smithereens. He vowed never to seek her out…but what happens if fate steps in, leaving him no choice in the matter? Could a man really set all of his hatred aside to forgive the woman who changed his life forever?