Friday, June 20, 2014

Bartered Teaser

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“Mr. Xavier, your presence is needed sir.” Benoît, my head security, prompted me the second I hung up the conference call I had from England.

I considered him a moment, pausing as I raised my brow, before responding to him with a curt question. “In regards to what?”

My life revolved mostly with work. Well, it was the love of my life. The Riviera had been in my family for generations. It was more than a five-star luxury hotel that offered one of Europe’s finest casinos but it was a class on its own. It was a legacy that ran in my blood. It became my soul when I had nothing left going on with my life.

This was all I had.
The power.
The prestige.
The privilege.

Benoît cleared his throat before answering me with a raised brow, doubtful. “It’s about Miss Dana Bateau sir. One of the cleaning ladies found her in your library trying to open your safe.” He paused before sharply adding, “Sir.”

Dana…trying to open my safe… she’s been with me for about over six months and was this her first attempt? Or the first she ever got caught? I met her through Javier. A man I socialized yet never welcomed in my circle of trusted friends. Come to think of it, I didn’t have friends. I had partners, associates, acquaintances…but never friendships. I didn’t trust a lot of people—and the ones I did—it was a puny trusted circle. Dana obviously wasn’t in it. “Where is she now?” I calmly asked as I turned my attention back on the screen, starting at the message that was before me while I waited for Benoît to continue.

“She’s held in the villa sir. We’re waiting for your orders.”

“Hmm,” I murmured nonchalantly before getting up, striding into the vast glass that covered the entire wall looking down on the bright lights that showed the night beauty of Monaco. “Wait for me downstairs. I need a moment.”