Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pieces Unedited Teaser

Pieces Of You & Me : Book 1 of 2

© Pamela Ann Author Inc. 2013
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My eyes flashed back, not backing down. “You’re breaking codes here, bro. You know better than to fuck with me.”

Gavin stood up, pulling his sleeves up. “Who gives a fuck about what happened in third grade! We’ve all moved on! If you want to take this out somewhere, I’ll be more than happy to take you there.”

The little shit. He was getting more arrogant and cocky because Olivia was right there next to him. I knocked him out before and I could knock him out again. As codes went, a guy shouldn’t fuck with ex girlfriends, current girlfriends, moms, sisters and all the relative chain—cause that’s just plain old dirty. Gavin was pissing on my territory and I didn’t appreciate it—not a fucking bit. “Tonight—” I sneered at him but was cut off when Olivia stood up, taking me by surprise when she pushed on my chest and forcefully dragged me out of the cafeteria, leaving hush whispers in our wake.

I was all muscles, but for some reason, she easily dragged me with her. Was I becoming a pussy or what? I got my answer when she took me behind the building and somewhat slammed me against the cement wall, glaring down at me with stormy eyes.

“You need to stop!” she hissed, inches from my face. “I don’t care if we’re sharing a house and I don’t give a rat’s ass about “bro codes”.” She made air quotes, which in turn made my blood boil to the hilt. “If I want to date him that’s my business. If you’re still so hung up about that stupid juvenile kiss we shared, go call a psychiatrist, because from where I’m standing, it sounds like a fucking personal problem!”

Yes, Olivia Taylor was definitely getting personal and becoming more of a problem. She got balls to spit on my face after all this crap? Growling, I switched our places, making her now the one trapped in between my hands and body. “You little slut. If you need to get laid, take it somewhere else. But never around my peers, you hear?”

“You’re just jealous of Gavin and the rest of them because you can’t have me, Grey.” she spat back, fuming. “But guess what? You’ll never fucking have me. Not fucking ever.”

Demons were everywhere; one by one they fell, possessing us both. “I beg to differ.” My eyes caught her heavy pants, making her breasts quiver. The silkiness of her skin glistened underneath the sunbeams and yes; temptation was rearing its ugly head, big time. “I know the art of seduction, and if I’m right with my calculations,” I whispered against her neck, her breasts pushing up against my hard chest. It felt like sweet ecstasy. “You’re probably pretty well irrigated and well lubed up for my taking.” Closing my eyes, I smelled her for the first time in years. And fuck, she smelled like fresh blooms. Sunshine. And happiness. Something coiled deep within me, driving the hunger to take over and possess her—even just for a short time—all I wanted was another taste. “I could take you here and no one would know.” And damn, I wanted to take her rough against this cemented wall while I kissed her senseless.

She tensed, frozen. “You wouldn’t dare. I’m going to tell mom that you forced yourself on me.”

That made me snap my eyes open. Blinking rapidly, I pulled myself off her body, staring at her with mixed emotions. Everything just came into perspective. She was leaving in less than a year. She and I were nothing to each other. Besides, I respected Laura too much to mess with her little girl—even if the girl in question had the capacity to fuck with my head like no other woman could. Why was I messing with her anyway? If I wanted a woman, I had so many to choose from. No, Olivia Taylor was my past and she should remain there—a memory. Flashbacks of the little younger versions of us in that closet ran through my mind before I placed a lid on it, hoping it would remain shut and buried deep within.

“You’re right. Gavin’s a good guy. He’ll treat you good,” I whispered, prying my eyes away from her lips. It was a difficult feat, but I was done lusting after someone I couldn’t. After all, she was off limits. “I’ll see you around.” Without giving her a glance I walked away, feeling more jumbled than before. What just happened—literally put me off kilter? That was the closest I had ever been to her in years, and yet, somehow sadness seeped into my system.

She was bad news and I needed to get away from her as soon as possible.

I let a sigh of relief when I saw Tiffany leaning against my passengers-side door in the parking lot, looking like she was ready for a good spin. “Where are we heading, Grey?” she smiled coyly when I unlocked the car and opened the door for her to slide in.

Pool house, I needed to vent. Big time. “No more talking, Tiff,” I said the second I slid into my seat before giving her a steady gaze. “Next time you open your mouth, I want to hear screams. Got it?”

She beamed, nodding.