Sunday, November 3, 2013

For the month of December, I will be having a Christmas love-themed “Buy A Dollar Bookmark & Save A Life” that will benefit children who are sick and fighting for their lives. Basically, you purchase a bookmark for only a dollar each (no shipping costs) and I will match that amount. All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. I would greatly appreciate it you guys will participate <3 I’ll make an announcement once the website is up and running.

On a different note…

The last few months have been tough—emotionally. My personal life’s been turned upside down, but now, I’m confident to say that I’m almost back to my old self. Nothing like a good Indie Mash-up and a flow of supportive emails about readers loving my books to get me going.  Writing when you’re emotionally drained can be a major challenge. So I thank you all for being so patient.

The Chasing Series Novella is a no go…BUT I’m going to release a valentine’s novella instead. This will be told in Blake Knightly’s POV.

Lily’s Mistake’s second book, Loving Lily, is doesn’t have a release date. I’m really hoping to get this out before/around springtime.

The List for upcoming novels:

Fixated On You, release date November 10th
Pieces Of You & Me (It’s Always Been You)
Havoc (SA)
My Summer in Venice (SA)
Chasing Forever (Chasing Series #4)

I’ll update you guys once I have definite release dates. Thank you <3