Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fixated On You Teaser (UNEDITED)

Fixated On You DRAFT ~



I thought the greatest hurdle of love has already happened, but it wasn’t done yet. No, far from it. 

You see, my heart led me to loving two men. As much as I wanted to keep both, I had to choose one, the one I couldn’t live without. 

I never was a fickle woman, nor did I strive to be one, but Carter Mason happened—then Bass Cole came along right after. Both men were passionate, relentless, stubborn and did not easily give up on anything they loved…

Carter was the first man I hopelessly fell in love with. The first man to also broke my heart and shattered my defenses.

Bass, on the other hand, made me feel things. Emotions that was so profound that I simply ached with or without him. But even with this intensity we both shared, he still managed to break me, killed me inside out.

For months, I was traumatized. My heart was endlessly battered. I was still reeling and healing from all the pain and abuse before another blow hit me. The news simply terrified me. The worst was yet to come. But no matter what happens, no matter what they say, Bass held me like no other man could. He made me feel like flying, soaring through air lit up like a wildfire, fireworks—Aurora Borealis—was how he made me feel inside, glowing, burning, shimmering with love. Ignited with passion so intense, we crackled with it with just a mere gaze. He weaved me into his heart; casted a luminous spell that had me bounded, and hopelessly captured my heart by loving me without fear. There was nowhere to run…but in his arms.

I was his breath of life. The only man that could make me feel all hot and all cold in a flash… but even then, one should always ask oneself, how strong was this love?

The test of will has yet to knock on my door. I knew, with every fiber in me, that it was one trial that was going to bend and break me. It could even kill me.

Will I choose stay and fight, endure all the pain that it will bring or will I walk away, admitting defeat?

Coming Soon ~