Monday, July 15, 2013

Paradise Teaser

Chasing Paradise ~ Unedited

“Where the fuck have you been? It’s three in the morning!” Sienna screeched, on fire as she charged towards me. 

Drunk and exhausted, I only craved sleep. Fighting with her, I could do without. “Toby had a last minute bachelor’s party. They called me on my way out.” I walked past her, not wanting to provoke her any longer. 

She gasped loudly, before following me on my side of the walk-in closet. “Did you have sex?” she questioned, accusing.

The headache was now a migraine, throbbing and ready to explode. “I’m tired, Sienna. We’ll speak tomorrow.”

Sienna folded her arms, unyielding. “I’m not letting you get in bed unless you tell me what the hell you’ve been doing tonight.”

“Jesus. Fucking. Christ! I didn’t shag anyone. Satisfied?” I growled at her unflinching form, before I tried to move away. Sienna was being unreasonable.

She even had the gall to snort and threw the words back to my face. “Tell me the truth, or you’ll be sleeping somewhere else tonight, Knightly! You had sex with someone else tonight?”

I knew I didn’t, but she was bent on believing I did. I was drunk, exhausted and my cock was purple from pain. Her words just grated on me. “Fine. Let’s have it your way. I fucked this gorgeous woman tonight because she was so bloody attentive and so mind-numbingly gorgeous, I simply couldn’t resist her.” I threw back at her. “Not only was she gifted but she was the best fuck I’ve ever had in awhile!” I marched out of there, yelling as I did so. “I hope the bed is wide enough to accommodate you and your selfish pride.”

Darting towards the elevator again, I conceded to head to the office and sleep in my adjacent quarters. Just when the lift arrived, the banshee appeared to pester me some more.